Who We Are

New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is made up of individuals, businesses, and community organizations—and we are growing in numbers! We believe New York City residents and visitors should have the right to buy beverages in any size they choose.

100 Eight Ave Food
103 Deli
1030 Food Court
105 Deli Deli
105th Deli and Grocery
106 Gourmet Organic
10th Ave. Food Depot Inc.
110th West End Super
111 Deli Grocery
117th Nabil
121 Lenox Deli Grocery
135st 266 Deli Grocery
1391 Convenience Store
144TH Deli Grocery Inc.
145th Finest Gourmet Inc.
1477 City Grocery Corp.
148 Deli Grocery Inc.
148 Food Market
149 USA Deli Grocery
149th Deli Grocery Inc.
1663 Grocery
168 Superior Market
1694 Deli
173 Park Ave Deli
1743 Restaurant
1776 Deli Grocery Corp.
1802 College Point Blvd Inc.
1836 Amsterdam Mini Mart
1875 Lexington Ave Corp Of NY
1980 Gourmet
1st Ave Gourmet Inc
2 Brother’s Pizza – 9th Ave.
2 Brother’s Pizza – St. Marks Pl.
2 M Friend
20 20 Convenience
20 Star Deli
2037 Deli
215 Food Center
219 Pizza
228 West Harlem Deli & Grocery
2321 Lex Grocery
2355 2nd Ave Corp.
24 Hour Mini Mart
24 Karat Showroom
24/7 News Café
24Hr Mini Mart
255 West Grocery and Deli Corp
268 West Broadway LLC
282 American Deli
293 Broadway Deli
3 In 1 Kitchen
3 Star Deli
304 Gourmet Deli
34-16 Union Street Market Inc.
355-7th Ave. Corp.
366 Tee Bar Corp.
39 Koreo Dang
4 Dafundz Entertainment
40/40 Club
42nd Greentree Foods
43rd Grocery and Deli
47 Corner Market
47-03 Grocery
48th St. Grocery
5 Brothers – 10th Ave.
5 Star Deli
51 Food Corp
531 Corp.
57 Food Market
5th Ave Cafe
5th Ave Supermarket
5th Avenue Deli
696 Gourmet Deli Inc.
7-Eleven – College Point Blvd.
7-Eleven – Hempstead Tpke.
7-Eleven – Queens Blvd.
7-Eleven Inc.
701 Deli Grocery
741 St. Nicholas Candy & News
76 Market
7A Café
7th Ave Candy Store
809 Lex Grocery & Deli
9025 Food Corp.
909 Columbus Pharmacy Store
934 Columbus Deli
9525 Lobby Newstand Inc.
A & A Deli
A & A Gourmet
A & H Food Plaza Inc.
A & P Tea Company
A & S Window Associates, Inc.
A La Carte
A.P. Mini Market
Aaron Max Design
Abby’s Food Market
Abdo Deli and Café
Abdulhakim & Ainzaili
Abduo Kings Deli Inc.
Acaputco Deli and Restaurant
Accredo Packaging Inc.
Act V Theaters
Aes Deli
Again Trading
AJ Restaurant Inc.
AKHI Inc. Convenience Store
Akhwan Deli Grocery
Al Dente Pizzeria
Al Forno Pizzeria & Restaurant
Alan’s Alley Video
Alba Pizzeria
Albuquerque Hispano Chamber Of Commerce
Alex Café & Deli
Alex Deli
Alexandrias Pizza
Alezebet Deli Deli
Alfonso Grocery
All Green Deli Corp
All In Market EOKP
All State Transportation Of NYC Inc.
Allen Associates
Allen St. Deli
Alley Pond Corp.
Allidura Consumer
Alma Pizzeria
Almayas Restaurant
Alzyadi 7th Ave
Alzyadi Deli Corp
Ambassador Of Lenox N.Y.
Ambe Grocery
AMC 19th East 6 Theatres
AMC 34th St 14 Theatres
AMC 84th St 6 Theatres
AMC Bay Plaza 13 Theatres
AMC Bay Terrace 6 Theatres
AMC Brighton 12 Theatres
AMC Cascade Mall 14
AMC Empire 25 Theatres
AMC Entertainment Inc.
AMC Fresh Meadows 7 Theatres
AMC Kips Bay 15 Theatres
AMC Lincoln Square 13 Theatres
AMC MJ Harlem 9 Theatres
AMC Orpheum 7 Theatres
AMC Village 7 Theatres
Amer Grocery
American Beverage Association
American Beverage Consortium
American Flag Deli
American G.I. Forum – Larry Amaya Chapter
American Mexican Grocery
American Priorities
AMH Grocery Deli
Amona Deli
Amsterdam Finest Deli
Amsterdam Food Corp.
Amsterdam Stop One Deli Corp.
Amys Grocery
Ana Deli
Andrew Pizzeria
Andy’s Coffee Shop
Angela Unisex
AngeLine Custom Painting
Angelo’s Mini Market
Angelo’s Pizza
Ann Maria Pizza
Anthony’s Pizza
Antonios Pizzeria
Antovel Gelberg Painting
Anwar Grocery
AOA Bar and Grill
Ap Bazaar
AP Business World
Apple Café Bakery
Applebee’s – W. 225th St.
Appletree Fresh Market
Aqui En Bella Puebla Inc.
Ar Euro Café
Arden Gourmet
Arizona Beverage Association
Aroma Espresso Bar
Around The Clock Deli – Forest Ave.
Around The Clock Deli – Richmond Ave.
Around The World Fashion Publication Inc
Artisan House
Artopolis Bakery
Arturo Restaurant
Arujo Grocery
As Convenience Inc.
Asian Bowl
Associated Supermarket – Junction Blvd.
Associated Supermarket – Knickerbocker Ave.
Associated Supermarket – Randall Ave.
Associated Supermarket – W. Merrick Rd.
Astor Bake Shop
Astor Cafe
Astor Row Café
Atlantic Bottling
Atlantic Corporation
Atlantic Farm
Atlantic Packaging
Atomic Wings
Aunt Batchies Bakery Café
Auntie Anne’s
Auntie Anne’s Inc.
Austin’s Steak & Ale House
Auto Parts Store
Ave A Deli
Avellino Ristorante Pizzeria
Avenita Diner
Axcl Grocery
Axel Grocery
Azal Gourmet Deli
Azteca Flavors
B & A Pork Store
B & B Market
B & J Rosedale
B & M Grocery
B’way Mini
B1 Deli Food Corp
Baby Bos Burritos
Bagel Bobs
Bagel Depot
Bagel Works
Bagels ,Bread, Butler
Bagels and Appetizing
Bagels and Deli
Bahia Restaurant & Café
Baja Fresh
Baldwin Bowl
Bali News
Ball Metal Corp
Ballys Total Fitness – 3rd Ave.
Bamboo Ya
Banana Deli Grocery
Banco Industrial De Venezuela
Bangkok Cuisine
Bann Thai
Bar Happy
Barbaric Bean Coffee Roasters
Barbetta Restaurant
Bare Burger
Barnes & Noble – Broadway
Barone Pizza
Barrangoilia Bakery
Battery Market
Baypopeyes LLC
Bayview Beverage Company
Bcona Food Deposit
Beans & Leaves
Beca Beverage
Bedford Fruits & Veg
Bella Dama
Bella Fruit
Bella Vita 2
Bellrose Grocery
Bemis Company Inc.
Ben Best Deli Tova
Ben’s Best Catering
Ben’s Pizza
Benatenis Gourmet Corp
Bengy’s Pizza Main St
Benito #1
Benjamin Park Inc.
Best Care Pharmacy
Best Italian Pizza
Best Lex Pizza
Best Mexican Foods
BestBuy – E. 117th St.
Bethel Gourmet Food
Bethel Memorial Church
Betson Distributing
Bi Deli Food Corp.
Big 6 Convenience Corp.
Big Al’s
Big Apple Deli
Big Apple Deli & Grocery
Big Apple Market
Big Daddy #2
Big E. Deli
Big Geyser Inc.
Big J’s Deli
Bike & Roll
Billy’s Bakery Tribeca
Bioscript Inc.
Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Bistro 33
BJK Deli
Blanquita Restaurant
Bleecker St. Pizza
Bleeker Farm
Bliss 46 Bistro
Blue Evolution
Blue Line
Blue Violin
Bluepack Inc.
BMB Randall Restaurant
Bobby Vans Steak House
Boca Juniors Parrillada
Bolla Management
Bolla Market
Bombay Palace
Boulevard Deli
Boulevard Pizza
Bounce Sporting Club
BP Amoco – Hamilton Ave.
BP Convenience
BP Subway
Brain-Twist Inc.
Brasserie 8 1/2
Bravo Pizza
Bravo Productos Latinos
Bravo Supermarket – Courtland Ave.
Bravo Supermarket – Grand St.
Bread In Tribeca
Brick Oven Pizza 33
Broadway Bakery
Broadway Best
Broadway Food Mart
Broadway News
Broadway Pizza
Broadway Pizza and Pasta
Bronson Vending
Bronx Auto Glass and Lights Corp.
Bronx Auto Glass Road Service Available
Bronx Auto Repair
Bronx Burgers
Bronx Deli Corp
Brook & Whittle
Brooklyn Cater Girl
Brooklyn Gourmet Deli
Brooklyn Pizzeria
Brookville Blvd Deli
Brother’s Pizza
BRS Food Corp.
Bruckner Bar and Grill
Bruno Bakery
Bryant Market
Budget 99 Cent Store.
Buen Gusto Deli & Grocery
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bumble & Bumble East
Burger Garage
Burger King – E. 149th St.
Burger King – E. 161st St.
Burger King – Jerome Ave.
Burger King – Southern Blvd
Burger King Corporation
Burger One NYC Inc
Bushwick Deli
Buttercooky Bakery
BZ Grill
C & C Grocery
C & F Foods Co Inc
C Town – 114th St.
C Town – Austin St.
C Town – Corona Ave.
C Town – Jamaica Ave.
C-City Club
C. Katz Law
C+M Beverages
Cabana Midtown
Cabana Nuevo Hatua
Cabana Seaport
Cabo Rojo Deli
Café 2000
Cafe 71
Café Bistro
Cafe Cello
Cafe Duke
Cafe Edison
Cafe Gitane
Cafe Greco
Café Hestia
Cafe Lafayette
Café Lincoln
Cafe Metro
Café Viua
Calicia #2 Restaurant
California/Nevada Soft Drink Association
Cambridge Caterers
Camilos Pizzeria
Campus Eatery
Canada Dry Local 812
Canada Dry Local 813
Canada Dry Local 814
Canada Dry Local 815
Canada Dry Local 816
Canada Dry Local 817
Candal Restaurant
Canelle Patisserie
Cara Mia
Carey Deli
Caribe Restaurant
Caridad Restaurant
Carl’s Jr.
Carlos Pizza
Carmine’s Pizza
Carriage House
Carvel Ice Cream
Casa De La Carne
Casablanca Grill
Cash 99 Cents
Castleton Deli & Grocery
Catalyst Public Relations
Cestra Pizza
Champignon Cafe
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants
Checkers Restaurant – Broadway & Marcy
Checkers Restaurant – Chambers Street
Checkers Restaurant – E. Fordham Rd.
Checkers Restaurant – Liberty Ave.
Checkers Restaurant – Nostrand Ave.
Checkers Restaurant – Southern Blvd
Chef Darryl Harmon
Chelsea Gourmet Deli
Chelsea Market Place
Chevron – 85 Rd
Chicken Festival
China Max
China Town Restaurant
Chinantila Deli & Restaurant
Chines House
Chocolate Deli & Grocery
Choice Ben
Chois Grocery
Chueng Chung Hei
Church Of The Resurrection
Cienega Grocery Deli
Cindy Cakes and Catering
Cinemas Of Whitewater
Cinnabon – Queens Blvd
Citgo Rosedale
City Cinemas
City Coffee
City Line
City Lumber
Classic Deli Grocery
Clear Channel
Clearfield Energy
Clearview Cinemas Ziegfield
Clearview Madison Cinema 4
Clinton Deli
Clinton Gourmet Deli
Club A Steakhouse
CNY Security Solutions
Cobb Theatres III LLC
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Of Fort Smith, AR
Coca-Cola Consolidated
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Coin Acceptors Inc
College Club Beverages
College Point Food Market
Colonial Deli
Colony Fried Chicken
Comfort Inn
Community Deli
Connecticut Association Of Theatre Owners Inc.
Connecticut Muffin and Bagel
Consolidated Container Company
Consolidated Vending
Consumer Food Services LLC
Continental Concession Supplies Inc
Continental Food and Beverage
Convenience Grocery
Convermex USA
Coppola’s Pizza
Coprosur IT
Core Label, LLC
Coren’s Daily Roast
Corfu Grill y Bar
Corn Refiners Association
Cornelius Cinemas Inc.
Corner Bakery Cafe
Corner Grocery
Corona Pizza
Coronells Grocery
Corporate Technology, Inc.
Corporation Deli
Cositas Picas Bakery
Cosmos Restaurant
Cotton Club
Coupon Isle
Courtney Peek
Cove Lounge
Cowfish Express
Coyote Logistics
Crazy Fantasy Tattoo
Creative Artists Agency
Creative Bgrs Inc.
Crispo Restaurant
Cristina Deli
Crosby Pizza Stop
Cross Island Farm
Cross Town Diner
Crown Dinner
Crown Grocery
Cruse Pub and Restaurant
Crying Raven Jazz Art
CS Bagels
Cuban American National Council Inc.
Cucina & Co.
Cumulus Media
Cunicorn Coffee Shop
Custom Spirits LLC
Cuzco Peru To Go
D & J Manhattan Cafe
D Espresso
D’Angelos 108th
D&F Deli Grocery
Dae Dong Manor Wedding Venues
Dairy Mart
Daisy Beverage Corp.
Daisy May BBQ
Daisy’s Diner
Dallas BBQ – 3rd Ave.
Dallas BBQ – W. Fordham Rd.
Darden Restaurants Inc.
Darillas Latina Steakhouse
Davanni’s Distribution
Dave and Busters
Dave Deli
Dave’s Premium Fine Foods
David Gourmet Deli
Davis Inc.
DC Services
DD Entertianment
DDCD & Partner
Deal 99 Store
dee Thai Restaurant
Delarosa Lawncare
Deli & Grocery Inc.
Deli Grocery Corp.
Deli Plus
Deli Roma
Delicias Caleñas
Delicioso Restaurant
Delicious Bread
Deliciously Healthy LLC
Delizia Pizza
Delphi Communications
Deluxe Restaurant
Demely Grocery
Dennis Place Inc.
Denny’s Inc.
Derry’s Ltd
Dhaka Pharmacy
Diac Pizzeria
Diaz Foods Inc.
Difalco Beverage
Dilenia Grocery
Dino’s Pizza & Pasta
DJ Grocery & Deli
DK Internet Café Inc.
Dmars Minimart
DNV Beverages Inc.
Doehms Gourmet Inc.
Dogwood Deli
Dollar Venture
Dominico American Society Of Queens
Dominik’s Restaurant
Domino’s Pizza – 1st Ave.
Domino’s Pizza – 34th Ave.
Domino’s Pizza – 3rd Ave.
Domino’s Pizza – Junction Blvd.
Don Alex Restaurant
Don Juan Deli & Grocery
Don Pepe
Don Pepi
Donohue’s Steak House
Dos Caminos II
Doubais Food Inc.
Double J Deli
Doug’s Fried Chickens
Downslope Distilling
Downtown Deli
Downtown Pizza
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Dragon Fly
DSP Deli
Dubais Food
Duduram Seafood
Due Fratelli
Due Fratelli
Dunkin Donuts – 149th St.
Dunkin Donuts – Alexander Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – Bruckner Blvd.
Dunkin Donuts – Crosby Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – E 163rd St.
Dunkin Donuts – E. 149th St.
Dunkin Donuts – E. 161st St.
Dunkin Donuts – E. 167th St.
Dunkin Donuts – Eastchester Rd.
Dunkin Donuts – Garrison Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – Metropolitan Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – Prospect Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – Webster Ave.
Dunkin Donuts – Westchester Ave.
Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts – Queens Blvd.
E & K Beverages
E & S Wholesome Foods
Eamonns Bar & Grill
East Cafe
East Harlem Cafe
East Harlem Deli
East Harlem Youth Leaders
East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc
East Side Café
East Sushi
Ecucador Grocery
Eden Deli
Edgecombe Deli
Edison Ballroom
Educating Institute
Eighteen Kosher Restaurant
El Aguila
El Barrio Superette
El Batey
El Borinquen Restaurant
El Callao Restaurant
El Campeon De Pollo
El Cerrito
El Despertar Restaurant
El Emperador Elias
El Gordito Corp.
El Grand Auto Glass
El Monstro Del Sason
El Nuevo Caridad Restaurant
El Original Tulcingo Deli
El Paso Restaurant
El Porton Restaurant and Bar
El Rey Restaurante
El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant Inc
El Valle Restaurant – E. Tremont Ave.
El Valle Restaurant – Melrose Ave.
El Valle Restaurant – Southern Blvd.
Elect Paul Saryian
Ellie’s Diner
Elverton Bagels & Deli
Emilia’s Restaurant
Emperador Elias Restaurant
Empire Express
Empire Noodles
Empire Szechuan Express
Energy Kitchen
Enzo’s Restaurant
Espark Coffee
Esquina Tierras
Estevez Deli
Estevez Grocery
Estrelitta Poblana III
Ethos Restaurant
Eugenia Deli
Eva’s Restaurant
Evelyn Pineda
Events and Everyday Catering
Everest Diner
Everything Bagel Café
Exclusive Pizza
Exo Café
Exotic Bakery of NY
Express Deli
Express Soft Taco
Extra Saving 99c
Eye Of Vigilance
F & H Lighting
F.R. Grocery
F&F Manufacturing
Fai Dai Bakery
Faicco’s Italian Specialties
Fairway Market
Falafel Express
Fame Inc.
Famiglia Pizza
Family D Grocery
Family Deli
Family Food Corner
Family Market
Famous Famiglia Pizzeria
Fancy Food Co.
Fast Break
Fast Horse
Fat Boy Deli
Fat Sal’s Pizza
Favela Cubana
FCW Windows
Fern Cliff Deli
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Santiego Café
Fiesta Concepts
Fiesta Market
Figo Delicatessen
Figs Auto Repair
Fine Fare
Fire & Ice Banquet
Firehouse Of America LLC
First and Finest Deli
Five Star Cheesteak
FJ Campeon
Flick #1704: Jewish Theology
Flor De Mayo Restaurant
Flors Deli
Flushing Avenue Deli
FM Billing
FOCUS Brands
Food Bazaar
Food Bo Garden
Food Dynasty
Food Emporium
Food Hai
Food Industry Alliance Of New York State
Food Marketing Institute
Foodservice Packaging Institute
Fordham 150 Food Corp
Fordham Fried Chicken
Forest Deli
Forest Hills Bagels
Forest Hills Diner
Forest Theater
Forty Eight Lounge
Four Star Deli
Fox Nurseries
Fran Maloney Financial Services
Frank Siviglia Truck Body
Freddie and Pepper’s
Fresco 57
Fresco Deli-Café
Fresco Pizza
Fresco Tortillas
Fresh Day
Fresh Farm
Fresh Fruit Bowl
Fresh Point Farm
Fresh To You Cafe
Fried Shibdeli
Friend Of A Farmer
Friendship Deli Grocery
Front Street Pizza
Fu Xing Chinese Restaurant
Fu Ying Chinese Restaurant
Fuel Outdoor
Full Moon Pizzeria
Full Picture
Fulltime Vending Inc.
Fulton Pizza
G&J Deli Grocery
Galaxy Theatres
Gar’s Pizza Restaurant
Garcia’s Mexican Café
Garment Center Congregation
Gem Circle Farm
Gemini Diner
Geogia Diner
George’s Famous Bagels
George’s Restaurant
Georgia Diner
Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions
Get It & Go
Gibson Deli
Gifford Grocery
Gigi Cafe
Gigi Café
Gino’s Pizza Restaurant
Giovannis Big Pizza
Giovannis Deli
Gissell Grocery Store
Globes Market
Gloria Pizza
GMC Temayeal Deli & Grocery
Gn 10 Grocery
Go Nation
Gob Deli
Gold Star Restaurant
Golden Apple
Golden Chicken
Golden Crust
Golden Dragon Kitchen
Golden Heights Israeli Grill
Golden Link Inc.
Goldengate Deli
Golick Martins Corp.
Goodfellas Pizza
Gotham Food
Gotham Hall
Gourmet 157
Gourmet Deli
Grace’s Marketplace
Graham Packaging
Grand Café
Grand Central Station Café
Grand Gourmet Deli
Grand Sichuan
Gray’s Papaya
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
Great Western Products
Green Emporium Gourmet
Green Tomato
Grill 149 Plus
Grill and Deli
Grocery Jazmin
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Grocery Meat Market Corp
Grrand Grocery & Deli
Guadalajara De Dia Deli Grocery
Guadalajara Deli Restaurant
Guayes Auto Body Repair
Guman Baka Shoe
Guyon Deli
Guyon Delicatessen
Guyon Grocery
Gyro Express
Gyro Grill
Gyro Village
H/J Deli
H&N Pizza
Habibi Deli
Halaa Food Vendors
Hamed Alsadi Inc.
Hamilton Meat Market
Hammer Packaging Corp.
Hampton Chutney
Hampton Grind
Han’s Family Market
Happiness Deli Inc.
Happy Gourmet Deli
Happy Grade Palace
Happy Newsstand Deli
Harvard Windows
Havana NY
Health Food
Healthcare Service Group
Heartland Brewery
Heaven’s Hot Bagels
Heavens Deli
Heberton Deli
Hees Corporation #32
Hellen Food Corp.
Hempstead Grocery
Hempstead Superior
Henry Schein Inc.
Herald Square Market
Herko Photography Productions
Higher Praise Ministries
Hill Top Restaurant
Hillsdale Cofowl Play Society & Rescue
Hillside Avatar Inc.
Hillside Ave Inc.
Hispanic Alliance For Prosperity Institute
Hispanic Federation
Hispanic Foundation Of Silicon Valley
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Hispanic Leadership Network
Hispanic Media Council
HJ’s Coffee Shop
Hollis Deli
Hollis News & Snacks Inc.
Home Depot
Homer’s Taste Restaurant
Honest Tea
Hong Kong
Hop Bo Palace
Hop Kee Restaurant
Hop Shiug Restaurant
Hopkins Co.
Hostel G
Hot & Crusty Bagel Café
Hotel Wales
Hub Kitchen and Café
Hub Labels Inc.
Huddle House
Hudson Square News
Hunan Balcony
Hunter Deli
Hyatt Hotel
Hygrade Deli
Hylan Bagel
I Primo Tar
Idea Nuova Corp
Ideal Donuts
Igtanbul Grill
II Bacco
Il Cortile Restaurant
IL Supare Pizzeria Inc.
Imagineers Inc.
IMI Cornelius
In Plaza Advertising
In Too Deep Beverage
Indian Organic Natural Foods Inc
Infolux Inc
Ingredion Incorporated
Inner Circle NY Auto Club Association
Innovative Barware
Insuk 07 Corp.
Intelligent IT
Inter-Planetary Thinking
Interchurch – Claremont Ave.
Interchurch – Riverside Dr.
International Foods
International Foodservice Manufacturer Association
International Franchise Association
International House
Irish Exit
Island Deli Grocery
Island Gas Plus
Island Oriental Jamaican Restaurant
Italian Affair Pizzeria
J & C Deli
J & F Deli & Grocery
J & M Deli
J & T Taino
J and B Pizzeria
J Of
J. J. Deli
J. W. Market
J.J. Mike Inc.
J/H Deli Grocery
J&L Property
J&M Deli
J&M Foods
J&T Taino
Jabar Famous Deli
JAC Grocery Corp
Jacob Soul Food
Jaf Enterprises Inc
Jamaica Deli
Jamaica Food Store
Jamal Deli Grocery
Janjer Enterprises Inc.
January Holdings Llc
Janylyn Deli
JDC Catering LLC
Jean Claude Ii
Jen’s Restaurant
Jenny’s Café Inc.
Jenny’s Shop
Jeromis Pizza
Jesus Tacos Restaurant
Jet Provisions LLC
JFK Fried Chicken
Jim Brady’s
Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace
JJ & M Beverage Inc.
JKY Deli
Jo-Jo Pizzeria
Joa Bro Bagel Corp.
Jody’s Club Forest
Joe Allen Restaurant
Joe C. Deli
Joe’s Ginger
Joe’s Pizza
Joe’s Place
Joe’s Shanghai
Joey Pepperoni’s Pizza
Johnny Rockets – Austin St.
Johnny’s Gyros
Jong Ro BBQ
Jonha Pizza
Joselle Deli & Grocery
Joseph’s Auto Center Inc.
Joseph’s Deli
Joseph’s Gourmet Deli
Joy Chung Corp
JR Auto Lights
JT Catering
Ju Ying
Juan Torrez Resturaunt
Juhwah Restaurant
Julisa’s Bar & Lounge
Jun & Jeong Farm
Just Delicious
Justinos Pizzeria
K & C Deli Inc.
K & D
K & G Food Market
K & K Services
K & O Deli
K’s Cafeteria
Kabob Shack
Kal’s Gourmet Deli
Kaman Industrial Technologies
Karikan Donut Corp.
Kati Rolls
Kaylah’s Hut
KCY Deli
Keep Food Legal
Kelly’s Coffee Chop
Ken and Cook Restaurant
Kennedy Fried Chicken
Kessler International
Kew Gardens Deli
Keyfood – 108th St.
Keyfood – 63rd St.
Keyfood – Forest Hills
Keyfood – Lefferts Blvd.
Keyfood – Queens Blvd.
Keyfood – Yellowstone Blvd.
KFC – Bruckner Blvd.
KFC – Webster Ave.
Kim’s Deli
King Deli & Grill
King Deli Grocery
King Ferry Winery
King Gourmet
King Steaks Restaurant
King’s Arms Resturant
Kingdom Pizza
Kings Deli
Kitchen Commune
KJ Grocery & Candy
KML Mortgage Investment & Co
Knickerbocker Bar & Grill
Knights Of Columbus
Knish Nosh
Korean American Business Inc.
Korean American Grocers’ Association
Korean Apparel Manufacturers Association Of NY
Korean Dry Cleaner Association Of New York
Kosher Deluxe
KRA-CRO | Kyte Research Associates
Kuku Canteen
Kyedong Chicken Restaurant
Kyung’s Fruits Store
L&C Delg Grocery Corp.
La Amistad Deli
La Bagel Delight
La Barrique
La Bella Mariella Pizza II
La Bella Russo
La Bodega
La Bonne Soup
La Cantera
La Casa Mezcal
La Dolce Italia Bakery
La Espiga
La Flor Dominicana
La Fortuna Restaurant
La Fusta Restaurant
La Gransa
La Guli Pastry Shop
La Negra Deli
La Nortena Express Restaurant
La Oaxaquona
La Pentola Italian Pizzeria
La Perla Mexicana
La Rola Restaurant
La Villita Bakery
Land and Sea Restaurant
Land and Sea Travel Inc.
Landin Pizza
Landmark Coffee Shop
Landmark Theatres
Lane Farms Supermarket
Lantern Bar Grill
Las Hermitas Grocery
Latha Inc.
Latin American Chamber Of Commerce Of Georgia
Latino Express Restarant
Latino Hotel & Restaurant Association
Lattanzi Restaurant
Le Basket
Le Cirque
Le Paso Rest
Le Perigord
Leena Grocery
Lemon Drop Unisex Hair
Lenny & John’s Pizza
Lenny’s Café
Lenox US Deli & Grocery
Les Ambessades
Letica Corporation
Lex Deli
Lex. King Grocery Inc.
Lexington Ave Deli
Lexington Candy Shop
Lexington Food Court
Lexington Luncheonette
Lexus Deli Corp.
Liberato Rest
Library Hotel
LIC Newspaper Store Line
Lifestyle Designs
Lil Bites Cafe Inc.
Lincoln Groceries & Deli
Linden Deli
Linden Suprette
Liser Grocery
Little Caesar’s Pizza – 3rd Ave.
Little Caesar’s Pizza – Richmond Rd.
Little Chinatel Restaurant
Little Chopsticks Restaurant
Little Hee’s Corp.
Little Italy Pizza
Little Lizzy’s Lotto
Little Ochie Jamanican Cuisine
Little Tokyo
LNV Broadway LLC
Lok Deli & Grocery
Long Feng
Lorax Yogurt
Loren’s Fruits
Lorimer Hero & Coffee
Loris Gifts
Los Amazonas
Los Hermanos
Los Primos Grocery
Los Primos Restaurant
Los Tacos Locos Y Loncheria
Los Tres Potrillos
Lotos Club
Louetta’s Pizza
Louie and Ernie’s Pizza
Lowen Color Graphics
Luan #2
Lucky Garden
Lucky’s Famous Burger – 52nd St.
Lucky’s Famous Burger – Houston St.
Lulu’s Bakery
Luna Deli
Lupita Restaurante
LX Grocery
Lychee House
M & B Deli Grocery
M & M Deli
M & M Market Deli
M & S News & Co
M+N Buffet
Macanudo Club
Madison Ave Deli
Mado Japanese Restaurant
Maharaja Sweets and Snacks
Maimas Liberian Bistro
Make & Bake
Malcolm Food Market
Mama Gyro
Mama O’s Premium Kimati
Mama Rosaria Pizzeria
Mamas Empanadas
Mamma Lucia’s Pizza & Pasta House Inc.
Manabu Terazwa Grill
Mangez Avec Moi
Mangia Bene
Mangn Restaurant
Manhattan Deli & Pizza
Manna’s Soul Food
Manuel Mini Grocery
Maoz Vegetarian
Maple Lanes
Marielle Pizza
Mario’s Restaurant
Maritime Hotel
Mark Joseph Steak House
Market 108
Market Burgers, LLC
Market Deli
Marnar Restaurant
Marquet Bakery Café
Marriott Residence Inn
Marte Deli Grocery
Marti Dolinar
Martinellos V
Martinez Superette
Marz Bar LLC
Maspeth Organic
Matco Dist Inc
Matty’s Deli
Max Eagle Food Corp.
Max Khan Inc.
Maxine On The BLVD
Mayagues Deli
Mayfair Electric Corp.
MB Deli Grocery
McDonald’s – Boston Rd.
Mcdonald’s – Grand Ave.
McDonald’s – Webster Ave.
McDonald’s – Westchester Ave.
Mcspadden & Associates, LLC
Meal Ticket
Mediterrane Pizzeria, Ristorante
Meetup Inc.
Mega $0.99
Mega Deli Food
Megga Bates Diner
Mejia Deli
Mejia Deli & Grocery
Melissa’s Gourmet
Melo & Falcon Deli Grocery Co.
Merci Market
Merrick Convenience
Merrick Deli & Grill
Merry Land
Met Food
Metro Deli
Metro Meat
Metro Stan Deli
Metropolitan Food Systems
Metropolitan Food Systems Of Rock Center, Inc.
Metropolitan Fruit/Veggie
Metropolitan Theatres Corporation
Metrostar Café
Mexi Deli
Mexi Deli Grocery Co
Mexican American Opportunity Foundation
Mexico Cina
MGM Grocery
Mi Candela
Mi Casita Restaurant
Mi Cocina Restaurant
Mi Nidito
Mi Pueblo Deli & Grocery
Mi Terra Restaurant
MIA Beverage
Mid-Atlantic Deli
Mid-Hudson Wendico Inc.
Midtown West Distributors
Mike’s Convenience Store
Mike’s Italian Kitchen
Mike’s Place
Mikey’s Burgers
Milk and Honey
Millenium Pizza
Mimi’s Pizza
Minar Indian
Minar Taj Indian Restaurant
Ministers United For Change
Mints Kitchen
Miracali Bakery III
Mirage Deli
Mishima Restaurant
MJN Corp.
MJR Grocery Store
Moca Garden
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Moga Asian Bistro
Mojave Restaurant
Molly’s Cupcakes
Momentum Worldwide
Momiji Restaurant
Monroe College
Moon Deli & Grocery
Moonslave Radio LLC
Morning Star Cafe
Morris Food Corp.
Morrison Unit
Movieworld Cinemas – Douglaston
Moyali Deli Grocery Inc
MPC Designs
MPI Label Systems
MPI Labels Of Baltimore
Mr. Pizza Allen
Mr. Tong’s
Mr. Wonton
MSK Food
MSN Deli
MSS Vending Inc
Munbah Style Pizza Inc.
Munchy’s Gourmet Market
Munoz Deli
Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant
My NY Bakery
My Place
My Uncle’s Steak House
N7 Market
Nadal Deli
Naples 45 1PRG
Napoli Pizza
Napolis Best Pizza Inc.
Nassin Market
Natalie Grocery
National Amusements
National Association Of Concessionaires
National Association Of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN)
National Association Of Theatre Owners (NATO)
National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)
National Confectioners Association
National Fitness Foundation
National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation
National Puerto Rican Coalition
National Restaurant Association
NATO Of Georgia
NATO Of Mid-Atlantic
NATO Of New York State
NATO Of Ohio
NATO Of Pennsylvania
NATO Of Southeast
NATO Of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan
Natural Foods
NC Photography
Neighborhood Food Center
Neighborhood Restaurants LLC
Neptune Diner
Neptune Pizza
New Astoria Market
New Astoria Park Pizza and Pasta
New Chelsea Gourmet
New Diamond Cafe
New Empire Szechuan Garden
New England Objectivist Society
New Express Deli Corp.
New Gangi Distributors Inc.
New Giant Farm
New Home Sing
New Hong Kong Restaurant
New Mexico Beverage Association
New Post Coffee Shop
New Stop Shop Grocery
New Town Chinese
New Way
New York Amsterdam News
New York Association Of Convenience Stores
New York Beacon Newspaper
New York Burger & Co.
New York Business Latino
New York City Beverage Association
New York Deli
New York Donut Corporation
New York Korean-American Mechanic Assoc.
New York Legislatve Service, Inc.
New York Nail Shop
New York State Restaurant Association
New York Style Eats
New York Urban League
News and Smoke
NIA Community Services
Nino’s Pizza
Nisar’s Halal Food
No Max Beverages LLC
No.1 Kitchen
Noche Azul
Noodle Town
North Central States Unit Of National Association Of Theatre Owners
North Star Café
Northeast Beverage
Northeast Cinemas, LLC
NSA Supermarket
Nu Urban Café
Nubes Dejesus Grocery
Nuevo Rohie
Nuttin To It
NY Bagels and Deli
NY Deli Stop 1 Inc.
NY Picnic Co.
NYC East Side Drinks
NYC Gourmet
NYC LGBTQ Chamber Of Commerce Inc
NYC Skycine
O.K Farm
O.K. Fruit and Vegetables
Oasis Diner
Oasis Gourmet
Off-Broadway Pizza
Offices Limited Inc.
Oh Hot Bagels
Oh Two Five
Ok Central Deli
Oki Japanese Restaurant
Old Ambay Deli
Old Sichuan Cuisine
Oli Deli
Olio Pizza E Piu
OMC Janitorial Services
OMG Beverage Inc
OMI Group Inc
On The Avenue
One Abingdon Square Enterprises Inc.
One Cup Two Cup Cakes
One Stop Convenience
One Stop Supermarket
Ortiz Deli
Oui Oui Crepes and Pizza
Our Lady Queen Of Angel
Outback Steakhouse
Outdoor Partnership LLC
Outline Effects
Oxford Cafe
Oxford Deli
Paddlewheel Queen
Painting Services
Paketeria Inc.
Palermo Pizza
Palma Grocery
Palma Meat
Palvi E Kiran Corp.
Papa John’s – E. Tremont Ave.
Papa John’s – Tremont Ave.
Papa John’s – Willis Ave.
Paradise Deli
Paradise Deli Grocery
Paraiso Colombian Restaurant
Parisi Brothers Bakery
Park Italian Gourmet
Parkland Deli
Parkside Gourmet Inc.
Parkside Mini Market
Parma Restaurant
Parrish, Smith Associates
Party Armor
Pascal’s Eatery
Pasquale Rigoletto Restaurant
Pastora Bakery
Patel Brothers Inc.
Patel News
Patriot Specialties Inc.
Patron De Inspiracion
Patterson Distributors
Paul’s Grocery
Peking Duck House – 53rd St.
Peking Duck House – Mott St.
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Of New York
Pershing Square
Pete’s Grill
Pete’s Hot Corner
Peter Luger Steak House
Pharmacy World
Phil’s Place
Philly Cheesesteak
Piazza Pizza
Picnic Market & Café
Pine Bar and Grilljake’s Steak House
Piopio Restaurant
Piper’s Kilt
Pita Grill
Pitusa Bakery
Pizza Box
Pizza Boy
Pizza Corner & Pasta
Pizza Doro
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut – Rte 37 E
Pizza Park
Pizza Pasta City
Pizza Plus
Pizza Town
Pizzeria Uno – 70th Rd.
Planet Wings
Plastipak Packaging Inc.
Plexus Properties Inc.
Plumb St Kids
Pop City Grill
Popeye Chicken
Popeye’s – Forrest Ave.
Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits – Story Ave.
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
Port Deli
Porto Bello Cocina Italia
Porto Bello Pizza
Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Premiere Concessions
Previti Pizza
Primadonna Ristorante
Prime House
Print Quickness
Professional Sound Services
Promo Only Inc.
Pronto Pizza
Protos Pizza
Puebla Seafood
Pueblo Mexicano Deli
Puerto Rican Family Institute
Pumpernickel Bagel
Punjab Restaurant
Pure Bread Inc
Pure Foods Management
Pururir Mini Market
Putt -N-Roll On The Go Mini Golf
Putting On A Bagel
Q & N Food
Q Mart
Q-Traz Deli
Q&N Foods
Quality Café and Restaurant
Queen’s Restaurant
Querada Restaurant
Quick Mart
Quick Mart Inc.
Quick Rx Pharmacy – W. 124th St.
Quickstop Deli
R.J. Management
Radica News
Ramadan Food
Ranch Deli
Rancho Dubilee
Raquel Rost
Rare Bar & Grill – Chelsea
Ray Food Corp
Ray’s Pizza
Raydar Corp.
Raysa Corporation
RBO Deli
RC Theatres Management Corp.
Reben Luncheonette Inc
Red Head Framing
Red Hook Deli Foods Corp.
Red House Chinese Restaurant
Red Lobster
Red Ribbon Bake Shop
Regal Entertainment Group
Regency Theatres
Rego Pita
Reid Store
Reliance Pharmacys
Republic Restaurant
Restaurant Associates
Restaurant Consulting Group Inc.
Rev Carmen Hernandez-De Armas
Rey’s Pizzeria and Restaurant
Richland Cinemas
Richmond Emporism
Richmond Food Inc.
Richmond Hill Deli
Richmond Mini Mart
Richmond Suprette
Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
Ride Inc.
Rigolette Pizza
Rinaldi’s Deli
Rincon Criollo Rest
River Bend Candy
River Deli
Riviera Restaurant
RK Kitchen
RKY Mark Grocery
Roca Tone Restaurant
Rockaway Deli & Grocery
Rocks and Goble
Rocky’s Deli and Grill
Rodriguez Deli/Grocery
Rodriquez Grocery Store
Roebling Deli Grocery
Roger Deli
Roll N Go
Roller Skating Association
Roller Skating Association International
Roma Deli
Roma Syrups and Beverage Systems
Roosters Inc.
Roppongi Inakaya
Rosa’s Pizza
Rosa’s Pizza & Pasta
Rosaya’s Restaurant
Rosedale Deli
Ross Restaurant
Royal Deli & Grocery
Royal Fashion NYC Inc.
Royal Grocery
Royal Vendors Inc.
Ru Nan Zhang
Ruby Foos – Times Square
Ruby’s Cafe
Ruth Chris Steak House
S X Gourmet Deli
S.T.I. Inc.
Sabor Boriqueno
Sabor Columbiano
Sabor Mexicano Restaurant
Sabroswra Restaurant Inc.
SAD Grocery
Sagar Restaurant
Sahara Deli Grocery
Sajni 026
Sal & Carmine’s Pizza
Sal’s Pizza
Salerno Pizza
Salina Ecuadorian Bar and Restaurant
Salon Mexico
Salty Dog Restaurant
Sam’s Pizza
Samen Deli
Sammy Gourmet
Sammy Grocery
Sammy’s Fishbox Restaurant
Sammy’s Gourmet
Sams Famous Pizza
San Carlos Hotel
San Felipe Grocery
San Loco Restaurant
Sandwich King
Sansun Deli
Santa Fe Steak House
Sanwa Trading Co. Inc.
Sara Kitchen
Sato Japanese Cuisine
Scholle Packaging
Schuylkill Mall Theatres
Sea Breeze
Sea Shore Restaurant
Seafood Boca Chica Restaurant
Sealed Air Corporation
Seaport Café
Seba Seba Steakhouse
Seis Vicinas Restaurant
Selerno Pizza
Seoul Restaurant
Seven Seas Deli
Seven Seas Restaurant
Seventh Ave Grocery
Shafiq Chowdery
Shalvi Grocery
Shan Chun Li
Shapla Grocery
Shemsan Grocery
Sherton Tribeca
Shop Smart
Show Media
Shrij Corp.
Shui Mei Café
Si Grocery & Deli
Silk Road Tavern
Silver Dollar
Silver Kitchen
Silver Spoon Diner
Silver Star Deli
Silver Tower
Simon Grocery
Simon’s Produce LLC
Simple Menu
Simply Seafood
Sinbo Inc.
Sing Hing Chinese Restaurant
Singa’s Famous Pizza – 108th St.
Singa’s Famous Pizza – Northern Blvd.
Singhs Roti
Six Flags Theme Parks
Six Star Vegetable
Skateland West
Skibbo’s Beer and Soda
Smart Beverages
Smiles Supermarket
Smiley 2 Deli
Smoke Shop
Snapple Distributors Inc.
So Ho Deli
So Phenomenal Entertainment
Sodexo Group – Atlanta
Sodexo Group – Columbus
Soly Luna Grocery
Sophia’s Pizza
Soree Inc.
Soto Grocery
South Deli Corp.
South Shore Hot Bagels
Southeastern Container Inc.
Southeastern Printing
Southside Food Corp
Soy Mujer
Spanish News Service
Sparks Deli
Sparta Deli Restaurant
Spartanburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Spices Jamaican Restaurant
Spring Tech Corp
Sripra Phai Thai Restaurant
St. Nicholas Food
Stadium Gourment Deli
Starchilde Services United
Starcom Mediavest Group – Chicago
Starcom Mediavest Group – New York
Stargate Diner
Starpak Ltd.
State Fair Mini Donuts Inc.
State Senator Tony Avella
Stay Fresh
Steak Go
Step-In Restaurant
Stop & Go
Stop 1
Stop 2 Shop
Stop N Go
Stop N Shop
Stop One – 18th Ave.
Stop One – Suffolk Street
Stop One Deli Grocery
Stop One Gourmet Deli
Storks Pastry Shop
Strand Hotel
Stromboli Pizza
Studio Nazar Inc
Suarez Family Pizza
Sub’s Conscious
Submedia LLC
Subway – 149th St.
Subway – 3rd Ave.
Subway – Jamaica Ave.
Subzi Mandi
Summer Deli
Summit Research
Sun Rise Farm
Sun Store Corp
Sunday Corp.
Sunrise Bakery & Café
Sunrise Supermarket
Sunshine Deli
Super Crown Chicken and Pizza
Super Deli
Super Fresh Laundry Ctr. Inc.
Super Star 99 Cents.
Superior Market
Supersol Of The West
Superstyle Deli
Sushi Ann
Sushi Sen Nin
Sushi Time
Sushi Yasie Diner
Sutton Place Cards & Gifts
Swden LLC
Sweet Hester Inc
Sweet Treats NY Inc
Sweet Works Creative
Sylvia’s Restaurant
Symposium Restaurant
Synclairs Child Care Services
Syrena Market
T & M Sales
T-Shirts Of The Trades
T.G.I Friday – Austin Blvd.
T.G.I. Friday’s – Gunhill Rd.
T+S Beverage
Taaza Foods Supermarket
Tabasco Grill
Tabata Noodles Restaurant
Taco Bell
Taco Bell – 116th St.
Taco Bell – Bergenline Ave.
Taco Bell – Bruckner Blvd.
Taco Bell – Steinway St.
Taco Bell – White Plains Rd.
Taco King
Taco Veloz
Taco’s Gloria
Taco’s Puebla
Tacos “Mi Mexico Lindo”
Tacos Y Tortos Carrusel Inc.
Tai Maia Inc.
Tai Pan Bakery
Taila’s Steakhouse & Bar
Taino Grocery
Taqueria Juarez Deli
Taqueria Los Poblanos
Taste D Beverages
Taste Of Dolly’s
Taste Of Italy
Taste Of Italy Pizzeria #2
Tasty Deli
Tavares Grocery
Taylor Strategy
TCN Management Group
Team Solo
Teamsters Local Union No. 802
Teamsters Local Union No. 812
Techno Food Inc.
Ted’s Montana Grill
Tek Beverage Limited
Tender Grill Cafe
Tenth Rail
Teresa Gourmet
Terrace Diner
Terry’s Gourmet Foods Inc.
Tetra Pak Tubex Inc.
Texas Beverage Association
Texron Commercial
The African American Best Food
The Ainsworth
The American Car Co.
The Bagel Basket
The Bagel Store
The Baja Man
The Beagle
The Blue Chelsea
The Bowery Hotel
The Business Council of NYS, Inc.
The Compleat Strategist
The Corner Stop
The Fred Group LLC
The Ginger Man
The Great Dragon
The Greenhouse
The Hot Clay Oven
The Kitano
The Korean American Association Of Greater Atlanta
The Korean Church Of Queens
The Korean Construction Association Of NY
The Korean-American Beautician Federation Inc.
The Korean-American Nail Salon Association Of NY
The Latino Coalition
The London NYC
The Luss Group, Inc.
The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Co.
The Original American Kitchen
The Pearl Theatre
The Sparrow Tavern
The Thompson Diner
The Tropa Pizza
The Wendy’s Company
Theatre Owners Of Indiana
Theatre Owners Of New England
Three Guys Pizza & Burgers
Three Hands Deli
Thrifty Market
Tic Tac Deli
Tierney & Courtney
Times Square Alliance
Timmy’s Deli
Tio Pepe
TKO Consulting & Marketing
TKS Deli
Todd Walk Art
Tolmas II
Toltecanita Taqueria
Tom Cat Bakery
Tommy’s Pizza
Tomo Japanse Café
Tong Tong Tonkatsu, Inc.
Tony’s Pizzaria Restaurant
Top Choice 99¢
Top Pop Soda
Top Top Top Market
Torres Grocery
Tosca’s Café
Total Fish Land
Totiana Chill
Tower Diner
Trace Restraunt
Tre Otto
Treat Petite
Tremont Candy
Triple A Chinese Restaurant
Triple A Restaurant
Tristone Cinemas
Tropical Grill Restaurant
Tropicana Restaurant
Trorocon Restaurant
True Blue
Trump Model Management LLC
Tu Casa Grocery
Tu Casa Restaurant
Tumminello & Sons
Turkey’s Nest Tavern
Turnpike Grill
Twin AA
Twin Donuts
Twin Kings Communications
Twin Ponds Restaurant
TY Convenience
U Café
U.S.-Mexico Chamber Of Commerce
Uncle A’s Mini Mart
Uncle George
Union Candy
United Changers
United Deli
United Grocery and Deli
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
United Swindlers Front Metro NY/NJ Chapter
Universal Light Lodge
Universal Vending Management
Uno Café
Upsilon Ventures
Ur Venue
Urban Renewal Corp.
US India Foundation
US Indian American Chamber Of Commerce
USA Deli
V Stop Delia & Grocery
V.C. Deli Grocery
Vail Sports Images
Valma Cafe
Valmar LLC
Value Groceries
VC Deli
Vector Media
Venezia Pizzeria
Venice Italian
Venice Restaurant
Vera Cruz Food
Vera’s Grocery
Vereen Group LLC
Veronica Deli Grocery
Verrdecchio Restorante
Veselka Bowery
VH Nails Inc.
Victor’s Café
Victoria’s Pizzeria
Victorio’s Pizza Plus Inc.
Victory Bagel Time
Villa Colorelia Bakery
Vincent’s Clam Bar and Italian Restaurant
Vito Elia Roma Pizza
Viva Deli
Vive La Crope
Wading River Garage
Wally’s Deli
Wandy’s Market
Wang Eastern
Washington Pharmacy Corp.
Washington Square Diner
Wat’s On Your Plate
Waterfront Deli Grocery
Watsin Deli
Wavecrest Community Center
Weber Yiaus
Webster Café
Wei’s Discount
Well Green Market
West 44th Candy
West End Deli
West End Superette
West Side Cafe
Westside Club
Westside Deli Grocery
Westside Market
Westside Steak House
Westside Supermarket
White Castle – 57th Ave.
White Castle – Atlantic Ave.
White Castle – Bayside
White Castle – Boston Rd.
White Castle – Bruckner Blvd.
White Castle – Fordham Rd.
White Castle – Hillside Ave.
White Castle – Jackson Heights
White Castle – Rockaway Blvd.
White Castle – Tremont Ave.
White Castle – Webster Ave.
White Castle – Westchester Ave.
White Castle System, Inc.
Whitestone Bakery Shop Inc.
Whitson’s Culinary Group
Wilbel Pizza
Wilbur Supermarket
Wild Olive Market
William C. Velasquez Institute
William Poll Inc.
Williamsbone Organic Food
Wine Devices
Wing King
Wings Chinese Restaurant
Wired 96.5
Wo Hop City
Woodside Pizza Restaurant
Words Words SEO Words
WS Packaging Group Inc
Wyckoff Foods
Xochimilco Restaurant
Xpress Pizzeria
Xtra Cheese Pizzeria
Y.K. Food World
Yamasa Deli Grocery
Yee Li Restaurant
Yes Pac LLC
Yoan Ming Garden
Yogi Hill Corp.
Yolanda’s Italian Restaurant
Yoo’s Convenience
York Deli
York Grill
York News
Yorktown Pizza
Young Flower Inc.
Yum Yum Queeens
Yum! Brands Inc.
Yummy Deli
Yummy Street
Z’s Deli
Zaro’s Broad Basket
Zaytoons Restaurant
Zikrayat Altairi Six
Zuni Trading