03 Sep 2013

Where the Mayoral Candidates Stand on Key Issues

An examination of some of the major issues in the 2013 New York City mayoral race. Click here to see where the Mayoral Candidates stand on key issues, like the beverage ban.

16 Aug 2013

POLL: 59% of New Yorkers Disapprove of Soda Ban

The latest New York Times poll asked New Yorkers to take a look back as Michael R. Bloomberg’s three terms as mayor of New York City come to a close. Read more here.

30 Jul 2013

Appeals court upholds ruling slapping down Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban

An appeals court today dealt another blow to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban, calling the controversial regulation “invalid” because it violates “the principle of separation of powers.” Read more here…

26 Jun 2013

Americans Reject Size Limit on Soft Drinks in Restaurants

Americans, by 69% to 30%, say they would vote against a law that limits the size of soft drinks and other sugary beverages served in restaurants to no more than 16 ounces. Read more here…

26 Mar 2013

News 12-Hofstra poll: 59% of Long Island would oppose statewide sugary drinks ban

A News 12-Hofstra poll found that a majority of Long Islanders would oppose a statewide ban on large sugary drinks. Read more here…